Social involvement

Through our business activities, Jyske Bank contributes to financial security and a good life – for the whole life – for many people. The good life is also about well-being and social relations which is the focal point of our social initiatives.

Jyske Bank engages in a number of social projects and initiatives for which we see an opportunity to make a difference with our resources and competencies. We engage in partnerships with other businesses, the public sector or players from the civil society concerning for instance young people’s training avenues and combating loneliness.

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Food for the social disadvantaged people and combating loneliness

FødevareBanken (Food Bank) – from food waste to meals

Since 2012, Jyske Bank has in cooperation with the socio-economic enterprise FødevareBanken provided meals for socially disadvantaged citizens and at the same time reduced food waste. The basis of FødevareBanken’s work is that it daily receives surplus food from food producers and wholesalers that social organisations convert into meals for disadvantages citizens in Denmark.

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Folkebevægelsen mod Ensomhed (United against Loneliness)

The Partnership with United against Loneliness is based on food and people and the communities which may be formed over a meal. Since 2015, Jyske Bank has in cooperation with more than 80 organisations, associations, municipalities and businesses been involved in the battle against loneliness. We support the apolitical organisation and the vision that nobody in Denmark should suffer severe loneliness. Therefore, we also participate in the annual campaign Danmark Spiser Sammen (Denmark Eats Together) which creates communities over a meal and contributes to the battle against loneliness for many people.

Read about Jyske Bank’s cooperation with Folkebevægelsen mod Ensomhed (United against Loneliness)

Flere i Fællesskaber (More People in Communities)

As media partner of More People in Communities which endeavours to make new ways out of loneliness and into communities, Jyske Bank contributes to focusing on the loneliness problems and contribute to a detabooisation of loneliness. We use our competencies and resources to increase our knowledge of both loneliness and the various activities offered.

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Youngsters and education

Training in personal finances for children and youngsters

Every year, Pengeuge (Money Week) focuses on training in personal finances in the eldest classes of primary school and the training material is offered to all schools, classes and teachers. A Jyske Bank employee is a guest teacher and contributes to the youngsters’ understanding of choices and consequences about their present and future financial affairs.

Read about Jyske Bank’s involvement in Pengeugen (Money Week)


Jyske Bank has together with clients and a number of other partners since 2010 been involved in Mural, art on urban facades. The aim is a better image, greater peace of mind and, not least, work-experience placements for young people on vocational training programmes.

Read about Jyske Bank’s work with Mural

Skilled Hands

Jyske Bank has been behind the project Skilled Hands whose purpose is to reduce the current challenges in connection with too few youngsters choosing vocational training. In three pilot projects, the eldest pupils in junior school have received practice-oriented insight into vocational training and career opportunities.

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