Money Week - training in personal finances for children and youngsters

Jyske Bank contributes to increasing the financial understanding of children and youngsters through participation in Money Week prepared by Finans Danmark and Danmarks Matematiklærerforening.

Every year, Pengeuge (Money Week) focuses on training in personal finances in the eldest classes of primary school and the training material is offered to all schools, classes and teachers. A Jyske Bank employee is a guest teacher in a class and hence contributes to the youngsters’ and children’s understanding of choices and consequences about their present and future financial affairs.

Denmark’s first edition of Money Week took place in March 2014, and Jyske Bank employees have for many years been guest teachers in the classrooms. In 2015, Jyske Bank visited 7.A at the School on the Lakes in Frederiksberg.

Focus on children and youngsters

Talk to your children about financial affairs
At Jyske Bank we believe that it is a very good idea that we as parents talk to our children about financial affairs. Children are developing all the time and also their ability to consider money and financial affairs.

Even small children can learn about money so why not play grocer with your kids? In this way, you can learn your kids that we pay for the goods we buy in stores. The older children may earn pocket money hence have a larger responsibility for money.

Hear when child psychologist, Kirsten Børsting, explain about the various age groups’ relationship to money – and how we as parents can help them in their development.
Hear how you talk about money with your children

To you who have school children
If you have school children, you can begin talking about basic economics: saving and earning money. Start for instance by the app Pengeklog (MoneyWise).

You can also explain the meaning of investment and equities.
Get inspiration in ’Fem ting, du skal lære dit barn om penge (Five things you must teach your children about money)'.

Another good issue is ’budget’, i.e. the simple art of creating an overview of income and expenses. Show your children that a budget is the way to be able to afford buying what you dream about.
See Jyske Bank’s budget tools

For you with grown-up children
When children grow up they may easily be tempted by the possibility of borrowing. In this respect, it is important to know some key concepts and the various loan types.

Jyske Bank TV: Finance for dummies: Student loans vs bank loans vs payday loans
Tips and tricks to control your finances

For youngsters between 18 and 29 years we also have a number of opportunities and advantages.
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