Sustainability at Jyske Bank

We run a sustainable and responsible business that challenges and develops the Danish banking market and the surrounding society in a positive direction.

All progress counts

This headline reflects Jyske Bank's work in respect of both the responsible activities that already form an integrated part of the operations of the bank and our renewed focus on how to advance sustainability through business activities such as lending and investment.

Sustainable business: All progress counts

Jyske Bank Green Finance Framework

Climate is a material impact area for Jyske Bank, and we have focus on identifying business areas that can contribute to sustainable solutions and help to reduce CO2e-emissions. In our Jyske Bank Green Finance Framework we define areas of lending where financing can especially contribute to a reduction of the CO2 emission.

Jyske Bank Green Finance Framework

Impact analyses 

We analyse our impact on society through our loans and investments. The analyses are called impact analyses and are part of our implementation of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking, which we signed in connection with the launch in September 2019. We analyse the areas of society on which we have the largest impact, positive as well as negative. So far, we have analysed the areas Climate and Waste.

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