Climate and environment

In the Jyske Bank Group, we know that our business and activities impact the climate and the environment, and that, to a great extent, we can actively decide whether our environmental footprint is positive or negative. Therefore, we aim to actively seek to heighten our awareness of the climate and the environment in all our procedures – both internally and externally.

The most obvious place to start changing behaviour by reducing carbon emissions is naturally within the Group. We are aware of the impact of our activities and actions on the climate and the environment, and we are continuously working to make sure that our behaviour lives up to our values. Historically, Jyske Bank has focused and will continue to focus on its own activities, as we believe in the importance of ‘bringing one’s house in order’. At the same time, the indirect impact on climate and the environment through client-oriented activities relating to investment and financing are of particular current interest.

One of the most obvious areas of our climate and environmental impact is the way in which we invest on behalf of our clients. As co-signatory of the UN PRI, we will continue to incorporate ESG issues into our investment considerations and decisions, including when we find profitable investments that also support sustainable measures. In other words, we will continue our keen focus on ESG factors.

But we focus on the climate and the environment not only via our investments and business. We will contribute to the overarching climate and environmental agenda by stimulating our employees and business partners to increase their awareness of these issues and help reduce carbon emissions.

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