Flere i Fællesskaber (More People in Communities)

More people in communities is a new, large and ambitious research and development project which aims at creating new roads out of loneliness and into communities. The aim is to fight loneliness and promote social participation and well-being among young people and elderly people. Experience with the fight against loneliness in the municipality of Silkeborg will subsequently be rolled out in the rest of Denmark.

Jyske Bank is media partner

Our contribution to More People in Communities is as a media partner since we use some of our internal resources and competencies to generate focus on the project and hence expand knowledge of More People in Communities. This may, for instance, take place through campaigns which should activate volunteers for cooking or eating communities or recruitment of youngsters as voluntary visitors for nursing home residents and other isolated elderly people.

Hear senior research associate, Mathias Lasgaard, talking about loneliness:

Dream municipality

Loneliness and community is high on Silkeborg Municipality’s agenda for a four-year period. In the project, the best efforts, domestic as well as international, will be gathered and unfolded in a cooperation between citizens, associations, schools, trade and industry, local media, foundations and researchers. As one of the largest companies in Silkeborg Jyske Bank will show the way for other players from trade and industry in Silkeborg in a large, relevant and locally-anchored project.

Hear project manager, Vanja Horvat Pedersen, talking about More People in Communities:

More People in Communities has two main purposes:

  • To change a local society by creating a dream municipality where everybody is offered to join communities. This takes place through a number of traversing initiatives involving youngsters and elderly people – and all other citizens in the municipality.
  • To evaluate the efforts and investigate what works and what does not. The good results from the dream municipality should be shared with the rest of Denmark.

The project is a broadly-founded cooperation with central players from the civil society, the public and trade and industry – it is only together we will succeed in fighting loneliness and promoting social participation and well-being among youngsters and elderly people.

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