Skilled Hands

Lack of skilled young people

The Danish business community is facing a major challenge due to a lack of skilled labour. It is estimated that Denmark will lack 70,000 skilled workers in 2025.

For this reason, Jyske Bank took the initiative in 2018 to establish the project Skilled Hands in collaboration with Advisory Board CABI and a wide range of other stakeholders. The idea underlying the project was to give lower secondary students (7th to 9th year) multiple options for converting theory into practical work and create something with their hands.

Purpose of the project

The aim of Skilled Hands was to motivate more young people to complete vocational training among other things, by:

  • giving more focus to and recognising practical skills in lower secondary school
  • providing better insight into vocational training and career opportunities and closer contact with the local business community
  • making young people aware of their own strengths and making these evident to schools, parents and business leaders, who will be helping them move on to further education.

Three pilot projects showed the way

Specifically, three pilot projects were carried out in which selected schools and students, over the course of one or two practical project weeks, beautified or improved a local area or building that will subsequently benefit the young people and the local community. The purpose was to inspire and motivate even more young people to select a vocational training programme.

Positive experience for the students

The projects have offered the students the opportunity to pit themselves against skilled labour, and both the students and the schools have been very pleased to participate in the project. For instance, several students at Lundehusskolen at Østerbro in Copenhagen stated that it ”opened their eyes” to the pleasure of creating something with their hands.

“Working alongside professionals from Jyske Bank and Enemærke and Petersen was very educational for our students. It gave them an opportunity to learn and bring various skill-sets into play, including practical building skills.” says Bodil Mul, assistant head teacher at Lundehusskolen.

Skilled Hands was discontinued in 2020

Results and experience from the three pilot projects have been gathered and communicated in an evaluation report. The report offers relevant experience to the various stakeholders and decision makers of the project in connection with the continuation of the project nationwide and in the individual municipalities. In addition, the experience gathering has led to instruction material presenting experience and recommendations for a specific execution of coming projects. Jyske Bank’s involvement in the project ended in 2020 after the evaluation report had been completed and handed over to RealDania, which has provided financial support to the project.

Further information about the project is available in these reports (in Danish):