Partnership with Folkebevægelsen mod Ensomhed

It is a natural element of the culture at Jyske Bank to take social responsibility and to make room for diversity as well as connections, which are anchored both internally and externally. This social awareness has, among other things, meant that Jyske Bank already in 2015 became involved in Folkebevægelsen mod Ensomhed - FmE (the People's Movement Against Loneliness). More than 80 organisations, associations, schools, municipalities and companies are behind FmE, which is a non-political organisation with a vision that no one in Denmark should suffer severe loneliness.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goal 3 aspires to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for people of all ages. A fundamental factor of well-being is that our social needs are sufficiently met. If this is not the case for a protracted period, we fell unhappy, and loneliness experienced over a long period of time is harmful to both our physical and mental health

What is loneliness?

Loneliness is a feeling that can arise in various life situations of different intensity and duration. Everyone can suffer from loneliness, and loneliness is a common experience. This means that young and elderly people - and many in between - are increasingly experiencing that their social needs are not sufficiently met. This means that they are in a situation where they simply lack close relationships. According to an investigation from 2017 380,000 adults in Denmark feel lonely.

Physical and mental consequences of loneliness

If loneliness is severe and experienced for a protracted period, it can be harmful to both our physical and mental health. Unfortunately, loneliness is still a taboo subject, and the feeling can be reinforced if you do not share it with anyone.

Danmark Spiser Sammen (Denmark Eats Together)

FmE is behind the nationwide campaign 'Denmark eats together'. Jyske Bank has been involved in this campaign since the first events in 2016. There is a tradition in April and November that 'Denmark eats together’ organises events where different people can meet over a meal. Meals and dining together connect and bring together people who do usually not meet. This can be the beginning of reducing loneliness for many people and not least focusing on the problems related to loneliness.

In 2021, Jyske Bank and its cooperation partner, FødevareBanken arranged communal dinners in Odense and Hillerød where women interested in sustainable investments were invited to dinner based on surplus food and a talk about food waste and food poverty.
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