Partnership with FødevareBanken – from food waste to meals

CEO Anders Dam presents a video with Jyske Bank employee Steffen Møller who took a day off to do volunteer work with FødevareBanken (in Danish)

Since 2012, Jyske Bank has worked with the socio-economic business FødevareBanken (Danish Food Bank) – a non-profit, apolitical association which strive to combat food waste and food poverty.

In 2014, the collaboration was awarded the CSR Partnership Prize.

”Jyske Bank has cooperated with FødevareBanken since 2012, and we are proud to contribute to both FødevareBanken’s social initiatives and the reduction of food waste. These express responsibility and common sense and are hence in line with Jyske Bank’s values and its approach about making a difference by using our resources and competencies. At Jyske Bank, we believe that we can contribute – through partnerships, across sectors and in cooperation with various players – to create new energy, solutions and actions in the approach towards making a more sustainable society,” says Trine Lysholt Nørgaard, Head of IR and Sustainability.

Strong cooperation between NGO and Jyske Bank

Ordinary companies often have much in-house expertise which small socio-economic companies lack and can benefit enormously from. This may for instance be in the form of HR tasks, financial affairs and accounting, graphics, web development and communications or consultancy assistance to sparring and business development.

The partnership between Jyske Bank and FødevareBanken is one example of how the exchange of such intangible services greatly benefits both parties. In this instance, the most important aspect of the collaboration is the sharing of know-how and networks and at the same time we may create visibility and focus on the joint agenda.

”If we are to make a noticeable difference in the battle against food waste and food poverty, all parts of society must be involved. Therefore, we at FødevareBanken are happy and proud about our long-standing cooperation with Jyske Bank. Although we are two different sectors, we have the same target: i.e. to take part in the responsibility for developing a sustainable society. Through our partnership we develop on an ongoing basis how we can combine our knowledge to making the world a little better and greener - most recently through a number of food waste dinners with focus on sustainable investments,” says Lea Gry von Cotta-Schønberg, Director of FødevareBanken.

Jyske Bank and FødevareBanken held the above-mentioned food waste dinners with focus on food waste, sustainable development goals and sustainable investments. Read more about the events in this news item on FødevareBanken’s website (in Danish).

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