Jyske Bank obtains the highest possible ESG rating from MSCI

August 17, 2021

Jyske Bank is the first bank in Denmark to obtain the highest possible ESG rating from MSCI.

The index supplier MSCI, which also rates companies with respect to their focus on sustainability, has upgraded Jyske Bank’s ESG rating from A to AAA.

AAA is the highest possible MSCI rating, and Jyske Bank is the first Danish bank to obtain this rating.

”We are pleased that our MSCI rating has been upgraded and see it as a recognition of our ongoing work on operating a responsible bank combined with our stronger focus on sustainable business,” says Trine Lysholt Nørgaard, Head of IR and Sustainability.

Jyske Bank is in a strong position with respect to a number of the issues which we work on internally under the general term ”responsible banking operations”: a robust corporate culture, a strong IT and data security level and focus on attracting and retaining competent employees.

In addition, the independence and diversity of the Supervisory Board are emphasised as a good foundation for exercising efficient strategic supervision of the company.

Jyske Bank’s simple business model with focus on Denmark and a loan portfolio with moderate exposure against environmentally unsustainable sectors are also considered positive factors in the ESG rating.

”ESG ratings mirror the way in which we operate our company. With respect to ESC ratings there will always be areas with room for improvement. We strive to ensure that ESG raters have a comprehensive picture of who we are and how we work and have on an ongoing basis increased the transparency of our efforts,” ends Trine Lysholt Nørgaard.