Why must I show photo and address ID?

Together with other Danish financial institutions, we contribute to the fight against terrorism and money laundering. Therefore, being a client with a financial institution, you are subject to a series of requirements laid down in the Danish Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. Among other things, this means that you must show ID when:

  • You open an account or establish any other client relationship
  • You act as an agent under a power of attorney or as a guarantor

It is required by law that you provide photo ID. Photo ID must be shown together with one other piece of ID, for instance your national health insurance card.

For which purpose do you intend to use the financial institution?

When you become a client with Jyske Bank, we are under the obligation to ask you about your purpose of using the bank. The reason is that, according to the Danish Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, we must be able to see whether you use the bank for the purpose you have stated.

Among other things, this is the reason why we request your wage/salary information and your tax information with a view to assessing what is typical for you. Jyske Bank is also under the obligation regularly to update the information we have registered about you. Often several of your details will be updated automatically, for instance through the Central Office of Civil Registration, but we may also at some later time ask you, for instance about your address.

Client security

Financial institutions are obliged to exercise a special duty of attention in connection with their clients. Therefore, if any atypical transaction takes place in your account, you may find that we request details about this. This may be large deposits or withdrawals - for instance in connection with inheritance - or if you make cross-border payments that are unusual for you. These measures are taken to protect you as client in the best possible way.

You may also be requested to prove your identity again, even if you became a client with Jyske Bank a long time ago. This may be the case, for instance when you wish to make use of new products. The reason is that there must never be any doubt whether the financial institution is dealing with the right person. The same type of ID is requested as the one requested when you wish to establish a new client relationship.

When you pay cash

You may at any time be requested to provide ID when making cash payments to Jyske Bank - whether or not you are a client of the bank, irrespective of the size of the cash amount or whether or not the payment is made into your own account or the account of somebody else. You may also be asked to explain the origin of the cash amount.

If you do not wish to show ID or provide the bank with the necessary details, you risk that we will not accept the payment for you.

See finansdanmark.dk for more details about ID requested by banks (in Danish)