Jyske Bank Interim Financial Report H1 2022

Interview with Anders Dam, CEO, and Lars Mørch, Director of Business Strategy


  • Earnings per share DKK 24.5 (H1 2021: DKK 22.2)
  • For 2022, it is anticipated that earnings per share will be at the upper end of the range of DKK 44-50, and a net profit is expected at the upper end of the range of DKK 3.0 bn - 3.4 bn
  • Net interest income: DKK 2,671m (H1 2021: DKK 2,454m)
  • Net fee and commission income: DKK 1,250m (H1 2021: DKK 1,085m)
  • Value adjustments: DKK -84m (H1 2021: DKK 605m)
  • Core income: DKK 4,197m (H1 2021: DKK 4,364m)
  • Core expenses: DKK 2,355m (H1 2021: DKK 2,342m), of which one-off expenses of DKK 11m due to the acquisition of Handelsbanken’s activities in Denmark
  • Loan impairment charges: DKK -247m (H1 2021: DKK -37m)
  • Net profit: DKK 1,691m, corresponding to a return on equity of 9.2% p.a. (H1 2021: DKK 1,685m and 9.4% p.a.)
  • Common equity tier 1 capital ratio: 17.9 (H1 2021: 18.3)
  • The process relating to the approval of the acquisition of Svenska Handelsbanken’s activities in Denmark is proceeding according to plan, and the transaction is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022.