External analysts and consensus estimates

Consensus estimates

Jyske Bank compiles consensus estimates before publication of its financial statements. The estimates are compiled by Jyske Bank’s Investor Relations on the basis of external analysts following the Jyske Bank share.

Consensus estimates Q1 2024 [PDF]

Analysts following the Jyske Bank share

Here you find an overview with contact details of the analysts in Denmark who follow the Jyske Bank share.

Jakob Kruse

Phone:+44 20 7776 3425

Danske Bank Markets
Asbjørn Mørk

Phone:+45 51 80 95 24

Jakob Brink

Phone:+45 55 47 84 98

Martin Gregers Birk

Phone:+45 33 28 33 12

Johan Ekblom

Phone:+44 20 7568 3580