Regulatory information


The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, which took effect in January 2018, requires market participants to communicate closely in order to comply with the comprehensive regulatory requirements.

With the aim of providing our clients and counterparties with easy access to some essential MiFID II questions such as relevant contact persons, LEI codes, trading relationship etc., we have set up this FAQ.

This FAQ  is continually updated.

What is the LEI code for Jyske Bank A/S?

The LEI code for Jyske Bank A/S is 3M5E1GQGKL17HI6CPN30. For clients wanting more information about LEI please go to (available in Danish and English).

Does Jyske Bank trade in a systematic internaliser (SI) capacity and in what instruments?

Yes. Jyske Bank is acting as a systematic internaliser (SI) on selected equities, Danish investment funds, Danish mortgages bonds and corporate bonds. A complete overview of ISIN codes for which Jyske Bank is a systematic internaliser can be found on our homepage in addition to our “Commercial policy – systematic internaliser”.

What about the trading obligation?

For instruments in scope of the trading obligation rules in MiFIR art. 23 and 28, and for which Jyske Bank is not an SI, Jyske Bank will ensure that client orders are sent directly to either a trading venue, a broker who ensures the fulfilment of the trading obligation on our behalf, or use the exemption rule under art. 23(1).

What is the Market Identifier Code (MIC) of Jyske Bank A/S?

The MIC of Jyske Bank A/S is JBSI.

Does Jyske Bank assist its clients in post-trade publication?

Yes. Clients of Jyske Bank have the option to choose post-trade services provided by Jyske Bank. This is regardless of our SI status. In such case, Jyske Bank will override the decisions rules set forth under RTS 1 and RTS 2 and publish the trades through our APA provider.

Does Jyske Bank undertake transaction reporting on behalf of clients?

Yes. Jyske Bank is able to undertake transaction reporting on clients’ behalf, on the condition that the client transmits the required information to Jyske Bank in accordance with RTS 22.

Which other services can Jyske Bank provide?

Jyske Bank provides other services including services to meet reporting obligation in respect of portfolio management. We encourage any client to contact us for bilateral discussion of potential needs.

Does Jyske Bank consider itself in scope for the unbundling rules under MiFID II concerning research?

Yes. However, discussions within the industry and among regulators are still ongoing, as to whether specific departments within the same legal entity can be outside the scope, and under which conditions. At present Jyske Bank does not consider our treasury department to be in scope for the unbundling rules.  

How does Jyske Bank handle the unbundling rules?

Jyske Bank serves its buy-side clients with flexible and competitive solutions and offers a number of research packages. Furthermore, Jyske Bank provides its clients with written FICC research free of charge in accordance with the ESMA Q&A on investor protection topics. Jyske Bank can also offer its clients a RCA/RPA solution. We encourage any client to contact us for bilateral discussion of potential needs.

For further information on our research packages please contact Director, Head of Research, Jacob Vinding Jensen at [email protected].

Who should I contact, if I have questions regarding MiFID II?

For any further questions and further documentation regarding MiFID II, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Where can I find Jyske Banks order execution policy?

Please be advised that our order execution policy is available at our website. When you are trading, you are accepting Jyske Bank’s order execution policy. Therefore, we kindly ask you to review this policy.

To which e-mail address can I send information regarding cost and charges?

Please send your information to [email protected].