Governance set-up

The bank’s objective of efficiently fighting money laundering and financing of terrorism is reflected in a strong governance set-up structured in three levels. The governance set-up secures the highest level of management, transparency and decision-making capacity in the area as well as a clear process for the further reporting of problems.

  • Strategic Forum
    The Strategic Forum is the highest level - in which the member of the Executive Board in charge participates - and the purpose is to secure that the Jyske Bank Group complies with the Jyske Bank Group’s anti-money laundering policy. In addition, the Strategic Forum takes a stand on the development of the level of compliance and audit reports and secures the necessary focus in the organisation.

  • Tactical Forum
    The Tactical Forum is the middle level, and its purpose is to secure consistency and quality in the Jyske Bank Group’s initiatives in line with operations while at the same time making sure that such initiatives are implemented.

  • Operational Forum
    The Operational Forum is the lowest level, and its purpose is to secure uniform and efficient day-to-day routines in the area of anti-money laundering.