About Private Banking International

New ideas. New ways. New potential.

When banking with us, you have your own personal adviser offering you thorough advice about your wealth. Together you will go through your assets and liabilities so you gain a good overview. You will discuss what you would like to do with your wealth, your views on return and risk, and you will end up determining which investments are appropriate for you based on the large range of opportunities - equities, bonds, investment associations, account products, etc., etc.

You will not be speaking to someone at a call centre – and to a different person every time you call. You will talk to your own adviser whom you know and can always contact. Moreover, our specialists will be ready to help you - you have all the necessary competences at your disposal within, for instance, inheritance, home financing and insurance. We offer broad expertise, international experience and a different banking experience – very much characterised by personal relations, unpretentiousness and unconventional thinking.

Do you live in Germany?

We have a team of advisers with special focus on the German market. You will be a client with our German advisers in Copenhagen, but you can also get wealth management advice at our office in Hamburg - and, of course, we, should be pleased to meet with you at your place.

PBC Hamburg

More about Private Banking International

Private Banking International is a branch of Jyske Bank Private Banking, a unit of Jyske Bank A/S. To become a client of Private Banking International, you must have at least EUR 250,000.