How to open an account

When you decide to open an account with Jyske Bank Private Banking, the procedure is as described below. The information you submit remains strictly confidential.

Fill out the application form, sign and send

Fill out and sign the application form which you will find under your office of choice and send it (together with the other relevant documents) to the address shown at the end of the application form. Please include a photocopy of the pages in your passport showing your photo and signature, or a photocopy of your national identity card. This must be certified as a true copy by an embassy or consulate, a major bank, a notary public, an accountant, or a lawyer. For verification of residency, please also enclose an original or certified copy of a utility bill.

Completing your client profile facilitates the customized investment strategy process, and helps us to assign you the adviser best suited to your profile.

You will receive your account number by mail 

When we receive the application form, we will assign you an adviser who will address your goals and generate the best possible results for you. We will send your account number and client number in the post in an anonymous envelope. Subsequently, you will be contacted by your personal adviser.

Application forms

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