Your wealth in the future?

Do you know all the possibilities for expanding your wealth? Or are concerned that you might have missed out on something - so far?

If you have at least €250,000 invested in Jyske Bank Private Banking, you can have a wealth plan prepared and get an overview of all your possibilities. Wealth plan is a service to investors with complex finances.

You get help to determine what you can do or what you wish to do with your wealth:

  • Do you want to protect your wealth?
  • Do you intend to spend some of your wealth?
  • Do you intend to increase your wealth?
  • Do you want to plan for succession – to pass on your wealth?

What do you get?

A wealth plan offers you:

  • A tailored wealth plan prepared in close dialogue with a wealth management adviser
  • The possibility of using internal and external specialists throughout the process
  • A good starting point
  • Ongoing follow-up on your plan and adjustments, should your circumstances change

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