Assistance in connection with your card

Block your card

When you block your card, it is important that you state the full and correct Visa card number. Please note that it is the responsibility of the cardholder that Visa International is contacted immediately after the card is lost or stolen. Keep your card number in a safe, yet accessible place. Useful telephone numbers:

  • Denmark: 80 01 85 88
  • Germany: 0800 8118440
  • Spain: 900 99 1124
  • Sweden: 020 793 146
  • The UK: 0800 89 5082
  • The USA: 800 847 2911

In other countries, please use the telephone number for the US (reverse charge call): + 1 410 581 9994

Clients of Jyske Bank in Denmark, please click here for assistance.

Increase your spending limit or solve other card problems?

Our Helpdesk is at your service and, for instance, it can increase your personal spending limit within a few minutes. Most other card providers cannot offer this service.

If you want to get a new password, a new PIN, to activate your card or to get other kinds of advice or guidance, please feel free to contact Jyske Bank Visa Helpdesk. You will need your password, when contacting the Helpdesk by phone or email.

Tel No.: +350 200 59241

Opening hours:
08.00 - 23.59 Monday through Friday
13.30 - 21.30 Saturdays and Sundays