Pension and capital assurance

Do you have EUR 250,000* or more that you plan to pay into a capital insurance policy?  

Then talk to one of our personal advisers about a capital insurance matching your financial situation. We work together with a number of specialists, for instance tax experts, to combine estate planning with tax optimisation. This will enable you to make provisions for your spouse or descendants.

What do you get?

  • The opportunity of long-term financial planning
  • The opportunity of deferring taxes
  • The opportunity of making provisions for your heirs

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More about capital assurance

Our life insurance products combine capital assurance with wealth management in a solution that complies with the rules of the local authorities to which you are liable. The capital assurance provider is a partner of ours, but investments are still made via Jyske Bank. 

* As each of our clients has a unique investment profile, the amount is only indicative. The final investment amount will be agreed upon in cooperation with your personal adviser.