Netbank Gibraltar

Gain safe and easy access to an overview of your portfolio and account movements.

You can use Netbank as a safe tool to communicate with your personal adviser. The combination of a key card, user ID and a personal password gives you the highest degree of safety.

What can you do with Netbank?

  • You get safe and easy access to your portfolio
  • You can transfer money
  • You can pay bills
  • You have all statements of account filed in one place - and you just print them as you need them
  • You can get an overview of your investments in the currency of your choice
  • You can see current and past balances of your accounts – your deposits as well as any loans you may have
  • You can send confidential, encrypted messages to your adviser
  • You can see performance statements
  • You avoid having to pay postal fees when cards are forwarded

Order Netbank

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