Mobile Banking

Jyske Mobilbank

Do your banking on your smartphone or tablet - whenever and wherever it suits you. Download the app and get started with Jyske Mobilbank.

Jyske Mobilbank enables you to:

  • get an overview of your investments
  • get an overview of your accounts
  • contact your relationship manager
  • and much more

...while you are on the go!

How to proceed

Start by retrieving your mobile code in Jyske Netbank. Click on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner. Select 'Agreements and mobile' and then 'Mobilbank'.

  • Download Jyske Mobilbank from App Store or Google Play
  • Start the app. Enter user ID and your mobile code. The first time you log on, you must also use a code from your NemID code card. (Use the same user ID and code card as you use in the netbank.)
  • You can now use Jyske Mobilbank

Do you not have Jyske Netbank?

You need to have Jyske Netbank in order to have the convenience of Jyske Mobilbank. You can sign up for Jyske Netbank at

Jyske Mobilbank features

Get an overview of your deposits - and withdrawals - and the balance at your disposal.
Ikon - værdipapirer
Custody account
Check your custody accounts.
Ikon valutaregner
Calculate and order currency exchange.
Ikon - kontakt - taleboble
Contact your relationship manager
Call or write to your relationship manager.
Find a branch
Find the nearest Jyske Bank branch. You can send an email or call the branch.
Securities trading
Buy and sell shares and bonds.
Spending overview
Get an overview of what you spend your money on.