GDPM - Optimer din formue

Have our specialists optimise your wealth

Do you not have the time, the opportunity or sufficient knowledge to manage your investments yourself, and do you plan to invest EUR 700,000 or more?

Put your money to work

Sparringspartner til din investering

A discussion partner when you invest

Get an individual solution with your personal adviser as your discussion partner. You will get recommendations for your investments, but you make the active decision about your investment.

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Strategy Funds

Invest in a strategy fund

Achieve wider diversification of your investments and hence better risk management and lower costs by investing in a strategy fund.

Strategy funds

Active Invest Loan

Active investment with potentially higher returns

Borrow money on your deposit and increase the possibility of higher returns. You must, however, be prepared to run a risk of loss.

Active Invest Loan


Feel comfortable about investing

Have a thorough plan drawn up for your investments. Then you will know your investment profile and risk tolerance before you invest.

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