Foreign currency account with a variable interest rate

Do you travel a lot or do you need easy access to your funds?

Then talk to an adviser about a foreign currency account allowing you to make deposits and withdrawals at any time and to switch your deposit into another currency. This offers you the opportunity to profit from favourable exchange-rate trends and to avoid exchange fees when you travel.

The minimum deposit depends on your individual circumstances.

What do you get?

A variable-rate account will give you:

  • The possibility of switching to another currency whenever you wish
  • Addition of interest monthly, increasing your total deposit and return

Would you like to learn more about variable-rate accounts?

More about variable-rate accounts

A foreign currency account with a variable rate of interest will give you the possibility of switching to another currency whenever you wish. You can open several accounts in various currencies - to match your investment strategy. This may be an advantage if you travel a lot in the same countries.

It will be easy for you to switch currencies, and therefore you can speculate in currencies or minimise your currency risk.

As each of our clients has his or her own investment profile, the investment amount will be agreed upon in cooperation with your personal adviser.