Foreign currency account with a fixed interest rate

Are you looking for a foreign currency account with an attractive fixed rate of interest for an agreed term?

Then talk to one of our advisers about an account where, against having limited access to your deposit, you obtain a higher rate of interest than the one on an on-demand account.

The minimum deposit depends on your individual circumstances.

What do you get?

A fixed-rate account will give you:

  • The possibility of switching to another currency between the agreed terms
  • A higher interest rate than on demand deposits
  • Interest on both the deposit and interest accrued

Would you like to learn more about fixed-rate accounts?

More about fixed-rate accounts

A fixed-rate account is a good solution if you wish to have a known and stable interest rate on a deposit. You may have an amount which you know that you will need in three months and which you do not wish to invest in securities.

The agreed term may be 3, 6 or 12 months. Between agreed terms, you can easily switch to another currency. You may also have more than one account, for instance one in Swiss francs and another in US dollars, to reduce the foreign exchange risk.

You CANNOT link a Visa card to fixed-rate accounts.

As each of our clients has his or her own investment profile, the investment amount will be agreed upon in cooperation with your personal adviser.