Spricht Ihr Portfolio Dänisch?

Does your portfolio speak Danish?

Diversification in investment is of the essence in order to reduce risk. Diversification can be achieved in several ways. For instance, by having a 'multi-linguistic' portfolio. If your portfolio 'speaks Danish', this will open the door to the stable Scandinavian countries that are not part of the euro.

Being a Danish bank, we can offer you extensive knowledge and experience of Danish equities. The Danish equity market is different inasmuch as it includes companies that have carved out strong niche positions for themselves. For instance, within the areas of insulin, logistics and transport. Also, you will receive research reports focusing strongly on emerging markets, corporate bonds and foreign exchange because Danish banks are used to think beyond the national borders.

If you wish to achieve wide diversification without having to be an active investor, a good choice would be our strategy funds, which typically have strong Danish characteristics - particularly when it comes to bonds.

A free portfolio check-up

We offer a free check-up of your current portfolio, without commitment - no matter which financial institution you are using. The only requirement is that you invest EUR 250,000 or more. You will experience advice that is based on Danish values, and your relationship manager will be action-oriented and authorised to make decisions.  Even though our work is based on Danish values and our expertise was built up in Denmark, your relationship manager will, of course, speak English.

Together we will determine the portfolio composition that is best suited for you. We will discuss openly the purpose of your investments, and we will define your risk profile. On the basis of this risk profile, we examine your portfolio.

Through four simple steps, you will be given recommendations tailored to you, your situation as well as your needs and requirements.

  1. Introduction
  2. Know your investment profile
  3. Identify the correct strategy
  4. You have a plan

Whether you wish to participate actively in your investments or whether you prefer us to handle everything for you, we can on the basis of an open and candid dialogue find the solution that is right for you.

The portfolio check-up is non-binding, and it is up to you to decide whether or not to proceed.

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