Jyske Bank is a solid bank

Jyske Bank will manage without resorting to assistance

Jyske Bank needed neither government-provided capital nor government guarantee for the Bank’s bond issues to obtain liquidity. Jyske Bank’s financial situation has been strengthened by the fact that the Bank has been strong enough not to seek ‘expensive’ capital and liquidity provided by the government.

Monitored by international credit-rating agencies

The recognised international credit agency S&P monitors Jyske Bank’s creditworthiness, among other things, by following the Bank’s biggest loans. The agency rates Jyske Bank's creditworthiness as being among the best in Denmark.

Well within the Financial Supervisory Authority’s limits

To prevent banks from assuming exaggerated risks, the Danish FSA has through its so-called ‘supervisory diamond’ implemented limits for five risk areas that are particularly important for banks. Jyske Bank is well within every one of those limits – and has been for a number of years.

Jyske Bank ranks among strongest banks

Jyske Bank is a well-run bank with a robust capital structure. This is demonstrated by the most recent test of European banks. The test was conducted by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority following the recommendation from the European Banking Authority.

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