What makes us Out of the Ordinary?

Tal med os om at blive kunde

Many banks offer advice on investment and banking services. So does Jyske Bank. However, we also insist on giving you something more. Therefore, you can look forward to a bank which is not quite like the others.


As a client you will experience that we do whatever is in our power to make banking as easy as possible for you in your current situation. Therefore we will not bother you with cumbersome decision-making processes.


  • ... you get direct access to your personal relationship manager
  • … your relationship manager is authorized and competent to make decisions together with you
  • … we will meet with you in person, on the phone or online – whichever suits you best
  • … your day-to-day banking is easily done on your computer, tablet or smartphone


You will experience that we believe in personal relationships, and you will find that, when giving advice, your personal relationship manager has your best interest at heart and takes all aspects of your life into consideration. Your personal relationship manager will

  • not receive any form of bonuses,
  • instead have plenty of time to talk to you,  

so you together can define a strategy that is tailor-made for you

Out of the ordinary

We are out of the ordinary because we believe there is no such thing as ordinary clients. Therefore:

  • we go out of our way to give you a unique, informal experience that you will not get at an ordinary bank
  • at Jyske Bank, clients, shareholders and employees are respected equally. It is a balancing act – if the balance shifts in favour of one or two of the groups, it will harm all the groups in the long term

Would you like to learn more?

Private Banking Hamburg and Private Banking International are part of the Jyske Bank Group, and we only serve clients who are not residents of Denmark.

Tal med os om at blive kunde