Jyske Bank - a catfish

Innovation is an integral part of our corporate culture. That is why it says next to our logo: ”Make a difference”.

This means that we try to make a positive difference each and every time our customers are in contact with us, through our advisory services, interior design, behaviour, communication, etc.

In 1982, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten named Jyske Bank “the catfish in the tank”. The catfish is a different and very active fish, adding oxygen to the water in an oxygen-poor tank.

Being the upstart in the banking sector, Jyske Bank has always been forced to blaze new trails – thus adding to the activity and competition in the sector, to the benefit of bank customers.

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A pleasant place to visit

Not just a bank. A library with various magazines. Product packages, coffee bar and a catfish on the wall. Jyske Bank must be a bank that is pleasant for customers to visit. Customers can be inspired and obtain new knowledge in an unpretentious atmosphere. We call it “Jyske Differences”.

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On 1 October 2008, Jyske Bank was the first bank in the world to open an internet-based TV station. Every day, this station brings financial news and in-depth economic programmes – sprinkled with informative and entertaining journalistic features from Denmark and abroad.

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In 1985, Jyske Bank launched the Totalkonto, which was a tremendous success. The Totalkonto gathers your salary, loans and savings in the same account. The money in your account will be offset before paying interest on your loan. This reduces your interest expenses, as you do not pay interest on the full loan.